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Keystone’s Raptor Captures Sales in Louisville

Keystone's Raptor 384PK toy hauler

In the midst of a strong Louisville Show, Raptor 384PK toy hauler’s patio-kitchen floorplan proved to be one of Keystone RV Co.’s top sellers, according to a press release.

The floorplan  features an industry-first elevated side patio complete with pull-down kitchen, refrigerator access, LCD TV, awning and deck railings in addition to the rear cargo ramp for loading quads, motorcycles or other toys. According to Raptor Product Manager Jim Rzepka, sales of the floorplan far exceeded expectations. “Our dealers loved the kitchen patio outdoor living zone and stepped up big-time by placing a record-setting number of orders. We were thrilled,” he said.

Goshen, Ind.-based Keystone said that the dual ramp and patio system is a feature Raptor innovated based on conversations with its dealers and existing owners. Other toy hauler brands offer a patio which can be set up on the rear ramp door, requiring partial disassembly of the patio in order to load or unload toys. The 384PK is different in that it has both a rear cargo ramp door and a separate side patio door.

Another unique feature of the 384PK floorplan is the angled front bedroom queen bed. According to Rzepka, by angling the front queen bed, Keystone was able to utilize otherwise wasted space in the front cap — creating an additional 12 inches of room at the foot of the bed. “This opened up the bedroom and allows us to better create a feeling of spaciousness. Kudos to our design team for the idea and to our production team for implementing it,” said Rzepka. “Twelve inches might not sound like a lot, but in an RV it is huge.”

The 384PK was not the only hit in the Raptor product line. Raptor scored big with its new SE fifth-wheel. Now available in three floorplans, the Raptor SE toy haulers are lighter in weight and lower priced than other Raptor models. “With the addition of the SE models our dealers can now offer a full range of Raptor products at various price points,” said Rzepka. “As the No. 1 selling toy hauler for seven consecutive years, every buyer can now find a Raptor at a price that is within their budget.”

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