RV Education 101 Debuts Consumer e-Magazine

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December 14, 2011 by   Comments Off on RV Education 101 Debuts Consumer e-Magazine

RV Education 101, an RV training video and information company, recently announced it has launched a new consumer e-magazine aimed at RV enthusiasts.

“I started the company because I felt there was a lack of safety awareness and consumer education for RV owners,” Mark Polk, owner of RV Education 101, said in a press release. “Over the past decade our goal has been to inform and educate RV owners, and perspective owners, on how to properly and safely use and maintain their RV.

“The way we do this is by producing professional RV training videos on all aspects of RV ownership. Since 1999, we have helped educate well over a quarter-million RV owners. Additionally we have published an RV e-newsletter that includes RV how-to information and video tips for the past decade. We feel we are at a point where it makes sense for the e-newsletter to evolve into a digital consumer driven e-magazine.”

Polk said research indicates the RV consumer actively seeks information and knowledge on RV products, RV how-to topics, RV types and other general RV information.

“Our goal is to continue to be the premier provider of this RV information, direct to the consumer through various outlets,” he explained.

RV Education 101 currently offers 20 RV instructional DVDs, 14 RV e-books and three published RV books in its RV training library.

The first issue was distributed to more than 20,000 current subscribers. Polk said the timing of the first issue of RV Consumer e-magazine couldn’t be better.

“Just returning from the 49th Annual National RV Trade Show, we have a great deal of information available for consumers on 2012 RV- and camping-related topics,” he explained. “We wanted to get it out in a timely manner, directly to consumers while the RV news and information was up-to-the-minute. The only question now is whether we distribute the e-magazine monthly or quarterly. Either way we intend to fill in the gaps with our regular e-newsletter edition.”

To view the e-magazine click here.


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