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Seal Design Launches Nitrogen-Infused Sealant

Seal Design LLC recently introduced its Seal-Tite hot melt sealant for RV windows, doors and hatches that can “reduce manufacturers’ sealant cost by 30%,” according to a press release.

Nitrogen gas is infused into the sealant material, volumizing it and enabling the material to spread farther and seep more effectively into small gaps to create an impervious seal. Seal Design, a subsidiary of Dicor Corp., said that because of the deeper penetration, manufacturers save on material costs.

The new closed-cell, gas-sealant mixture is easier to compress when solid and also less likely to over-compress, retaining good rebound or reflexive qualities. It also reduces sagging to maintain uniform thickness while still offering a seal that is as durable as the non-infused material.

The caulk and putty replacement is a highly stable sealant that can be applied by the manufacturer quickly and accurately with a hot-gun or robotic process that keeps bleed waste and cleanup to a minimum, according to the release.

Also, unlike caulk and putty tape, Seal-Tite does not crack, shrink or deteriorate over time, maintaining a solid, worry-free seal. In addition, it is a green product manufactured in accordance with Energy Star and American Architectural Manufacturers Association specifications.

The volumized product will let RV manufacturers do more with less material, and take advantage of a newly developed robotic application option that applies the sealant with consistent automotive quality faster than ever, said Greg Kelly, general manager of Seal Design.

“We’re talking a fraction of the time it would take for an assembler to seal a fixture with standard caulking. It can replace the manufacturer’s inventory of several different kinds of caulks and sealants,” Kelly noted. “With nitrogen infused Seal-Tite applied robotically, you get a consistent, automotive quality result — a precisely placed, solid, durable seal that’s going to stand the test of time and weather,” he said.

The infused sealant also sets up faster for increased line speeds and production rates.

For more information, visit www.sealdesignllc.com, call toll free 877-262-0954, or email gkelly@dicor.com.



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