ASA Electronics Offering a Variety of RV Products

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January 16, 2012 by   1 Comment

Advent white-gloss shroud

ASA Electronics, a leading supplier of premium mobile RV electronics, is known for specifically designing, engineering and testing  products in an on-site facility to ensure they will withstand the rigors associated with a mobile environment. According to a press release, high quality brands include JENSEN TVs, stereos and speakers, Voyager Observation Systems and Advent rooftop air-conditioners and appliances.

Advent Air, the company’s newest product line, will be introducing an all-digital thermostat to the RV market that will simplify installation by using a single wire connection between the upper unit and the thermostat. This year, units will also be available with an integrated heat pump. Advent Air will also be offering newly designed aerodynamic shrouds in black or white. Plus, the 13.5K or 15K BTU air conditioning units feature a multitude of ceiling assemblies to address a variety of RV A/C applications.

ASA is also offering a revolutionary WiSight digital wireless observation system. This observation system features a monitor along with a camera that installs into the running lights or other 12-volt circuits to help eliminate blind spots and provide vision at the rear of the vehicle. This innovative technology digitally locks the Voyager camera to the monitor so it only communicates with that monitor thus ignoring outside signals and eliminating interference. This new unit is perfect for fifth-wheels and travel trailers because it eliminates wires or cables and the monitor can easily be transferred to any tow vehicle. The system also features a portable, simple mounting solution and a 12-volt DC power plug for the monitor. To learn more about this innovative system and all of its benefits, check out ASA electronics’ video at

ASA is also proud to offer state-of-the-art televisions equipped with top-of-the-line features. Its LED TVs have 12-volt DC power which makes them the ideal choice for customers that want to go dry camping. In addition, TV’s have convenient front controls and speakers, conformal coated circuit boards, reinforced mounting points along with including a unified remote for JENSEN stereos. Televisions also feature CEC function with JENSEN CEC-equipped HDMI DVD players. JENSEN CEC automatically turns on the television when a disc is inserted into the DVD player, but only when an HDMI cable is used. This technology can greatly increase the ease of functionality for any user.

Since 1977, ASA Electronics has been an international manufacturer and supplier of mobile electronics to the RV, van, marine, bus, truck and heavy-duty industries. ASA’s proprietary line of products includes:

• JENSEN stereos, speakers, LCD televisions/monitors and DVD players

• JENSEN Marine waterproof/water resistant stereos, speakers, DVD players and accessories

• JENSEN Heavy Duty stereos, speakers and accessories

• Advent microwave ovens, refrigerators and roof-top air-conditioners

• Voyager observation systems


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One Response to “ASA Electronics Offering a Variety of RV Products”

  1. Larry Hollenbeck on May 31st, 2012 9:25 am

    We own an RV with a VR187 Jensen Sirius and includes a CD disc player. Someone got a CD stuck in it and the eject button will not function as designed. Do you have a recommendation to either fix it or where to get it fixed? We live in Grand Rapids Michigan. Our RV dealer has not been much help.