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RVBUSINESS.com Linking to Popular Newsletter

In an effort to expand its reach, RVBUSINESS.com will be linking regularly to RVTravel.com, a popular, weekly online newsletter penned by Edmonds, Wash.-based Chuck Woodbury, a savvy industry veteran with a unique consumer-oriented view of the recreational vehicle universe (to access click box on right).

“It’s all part of an effort to widen the reach of our active website and the perspective of RV industry people who visit RVBUSINESS.com on a regular basis with regard to the consumer they serve and the things those RVers observe out there on a regular basis,” says RVBusiness Publisher Sherman Goldenberg. “As part of our Phase II expansion initiative, it also serves to bulk up the content, depth and, to an extent, the entertainment value of our website. And Chuck Woodbury, with his wry and at-times blogger-style sense of humor and personal writing style, brings some of that to the table.”

In his first newsletter linked to RVBUSINESS.com, Woodbury takes Atlantic Richfield (ARCO) to task for its gas-price promotion.

Woodbury, who first garnered attention 20 years ago as the founder of a written-from-the-road, quarterly tabloid publication called Out West, is celebrating his 10th year as editor of the popular online newsletter written for recreational vehicle travelers. Every Saturday morning for the past decade, the 24,000 readers who subscribe to his RVTravel.com newsletter have awakened to a new issue delivered directly to their email inbox. In fact, he reached his 500th issue in September. Since he tracks his site visits closely, The Weekly Herald, of Everett, Wash., reports, he says he averages 60,000 readers weekly. So, an additional 36,000 people find their way to the newsletter via referrals from blogs and related RV sites.

For about a dozen years he’s also run RVbookstore.com. At his warehouse a few blocks from his downtown Edmonds condo, rows of shelves are stacked with books and DVDs. There’s a big spool of bubble wrap on a wall. “Orders come in all day long,” quipped Woodbury, who recently toured Iceland in a rented motorhome and, of course, wrote about it in his weekly column. “We’re no Amazon but in this field, nobody has more titles than we do.”

Newsletter topics range from Woodbury’s campground and sightseeing recommendations to RV maintenance and repair tips from guest writers. And Woodbury, who says he’s driven at least 200,000 miles over the years in three motorhomes, says it’s never hard to come up with new subjects to write about for his readership, which includes a wide demographic and averages people 50 to 60 years of age. “It’s an older crowd,” says Woodbury, 64. “I’ve grown into the demographic.”

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#1 Comment By Mike Knaack On January 24, 2012 @ 12:47 pm

This is a great addition to your website! Chuck Woodbury’s e-newsletters and website provide an amazing amount RV resources, information and news on a variety of topics pertinent to RV owners. I can think of few other e-news outlets that deliver so much while at the same time making it all easy to read and digest. You can learn more about RVing and RV news in less time than anywhere else. Chuck is a guy who really cares about RVers and knows what’s helpful and what’s not in the real world of RVing. As a journalist and longtime RVer, he always gives you the straight scoop. Thanks RV Business!

#2 Comment By Tripp Keber, Bella Terra Realty Holdings, LLC On January 24, 2012 @ 2:01 pm

Since the launch of Bella Terra RV Resort several years ago, we have enjoyed our strategic partnership with RV.Travel.com and Chuck Woodbury. Three years later RVTravel.com and its associated web sites / blogs represent the single greatest lead source for all of the Bella Terra’s branded RV resorts. Addtly, Chuck has been intrumental in assisting our business with the dissemination of RV related industry news. I am excited to see the newly formed partnership between RVBusiness.com and RVTravel.com ! Two of teh best RV industry related web sites available to the general public. Good luck and thanks for what you do for the industry.

#3 Comment By Ladd Lougee, STRONGBACK Chairs On January 24, 2012 @ 9:20 pm

I advertise with RV Travel and am very happy with the results. Chuck gives a very personalized approach and uses his industry knowledge to provide a very thoughtful catered advertising program to leverage his diverse methods with your specific product. the ROI continues to be very good and I look forward to a long partnership with Chuck and RV Travel.

#4 Comment By Bill McIvor www.RVToyOutlet.com On January 25, 2012 @ 6:14 pm

We have been an advertisor on RV Travel Newsletter for years now and have had a ton of RV enthusiasts come to our website from Chucks top notch editing of our offers to his readers. It is an excellent Newsletter (The best on the web) for RVers of all types. Myself being an RV enthusiast, I value reading his newsletter every week for all the latest tips, news and in general good travel reading. Chuck always does a fantastic job keeping the newsletter fresh and relevant, as well as one of the most extensive resources for products and services relating to RVers. Chuck also is a great guy to work with, and a decent guy in general. Kudos to RVBusiness for teaming up with Chuck, they couldn’t have chosen a better partner.