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January 31, 2012 by   Comments Off on Schedule for Next Distance Learning Course Set

The next RV Technician Distance Learning Course, RV Liquid Propane Systems, will run Feb. 20 through March 25, according to a press release.

The course, held online through Northampton Community College in partnership with the Pennsylvania Recreational Vehicle and Camping Association (PRVCA), dissects the second of the three major systems found in recreation vehicles.

Since propane is flammable, safety precautions are emphasized throughout the entire course. Curriculum studies the properties of propane as well as the types of containers used in the RV industry. Proper procedures for purging, storing and using LP, including the importance of regulation are presented and performed on paper as well as during many hands-on assignments. RVIA-mandated tests are also perfected.

After successful completion of this course the student will effectively be able to:

• Identify related LP terminology.

• Identify LP system components, their relationship and functions.

• Explain the sources of propane.

• Differentiate between propane and butane.

• Identify the properties of propane.

• Identify proper safety procedures for storing, handling, transporting and filling LP containers.

• Identify types of LP containers and their components.

• Inspect/replace relief valves, float gauges, sight gauges and dip tubes.

• Inspect, repair or replace stop fill float devices, automatic stop fill devices, service valves and excess flow valves.

• Identify reasons for purging LP containers.

• Purge air from a container.

• Transfer propane from one container to another.

• Leak test a container.

• Calculate container capacity.

• Fill containers with LP.

• Identify container markings.

• Troubleshoot LP containers and components.

• Identify high and low pressure flex hoses.

• Identify vapor flow.

• Understand and adjust LP regulator output pressure.

• Conduct a lock up test.

• Identify reasons for regulator failure.

• Install and protect a regulator.

• Use appropriate test equipment.

• Perform time, pressure drop and leak tests.

• Determine serviceability of high and low pressure hoses.

• Demonstrate the ability to inspect/replace propane piping system.

• Install and seal brass, copper and threaded fittings.

• Identify and size copper tubing types.

• Perform cutting and flaring of copper tubing.

• Identify codes and standards applicable to DOT and ASME containers.

PRVCA member employees will receive 50% reimbursement on tuition after successful completion of a course. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate that can be faxed to the PRVCA office at 717-303-0297 and a check for 50% of the courses tuition will be mailed to the student. It’s that simple. The courses can also go towards RVIA recertification credits (see credit hours listed below). For more information, call the PRVCA office at 888-303-2887.

All of the courses are RVIA-approved and feature competency-based instruction, assignments and testing. To register for the courses, call Northampton Community College at 1-877-543-0998.

The Spring schedule is as follows:

RV Liquid Propane Systems (Beta 6008):

Feb. 20 – March 25

28 credit hours

Tuition: $190 (after completion, cost to PRVCA member employees $95)

RV Water Heaters (Beta 6018)

March 26 – April 22

18 credit hours

Tuition: $125 (after completion, cost to PRVCA member employees $62.50)



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