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Fuel Prices Slowing Down Snowbirds in Arizona

Winter visitors seem to be staying longer in Casa Grande, Ariz., this season, partially because high gas prices have kept them from moving around, TriValleyCentral.com reported.

According to three RV park managers in Casa Grande, located between Phoenix and Tucson, a number of factors are contributing to the prolonged stay of some.

“I’ve noticed a lot more people are staying longer,” said Sally Johnson, manager of Sundance 1 RV Resort on Thornton Road. “I’d say the cause is that gas prices are getting up there and the weather here is much nicer than back home.”

Wendell Johnson, general manager of Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort, agreed, saying, “Our longer stays are up 20% this year. They seem to be coming for longer periods of time — three to five months.”

Johnson attributed this phenomenon to rising gasoline prices and residents of his park embracing the community. “RVers are used to moving around and staying different places,” he said. “But gas has prohibited that this year. They seem to be staying here longer instead.

“One of the reasons our residents come to Casa Grande is for the small-town feel,” Johnson said. “The longer they stay, the more they become a part of the community.”

Casita Verde RV Resort manager Kathy Wallick noted that the Canadian visitors in her park — which she said is roughly half — are the most active. “The Canadians are great,” she said. “They want to be a part of everything in the park and in the community.”

The sense of community among winter visitors has been a growing trend, said Greater Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce CEO Helen Neuharth. “Our winter residents support our local businesses by spending money here, but they also have an overwhelming sense of community. They have been volunteering at the chamber more and more.”

Wallick said that while gas prices may be affecting winter visitors who come out in RVs, the media coverage has been making it worse. “Yes, the prices are going up, but when you hear about it all the time it just keeps reminding everyone.”

What worries Wallick, she said, is if the prices continue to rise. “What I’m concerned about is if the gas goes up as high as they say it will — up to $5 per gallon — what next season will be like.”

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#1 Comment By john martin On March 10, 2012 @ 4:44 pm

we canadians have been use to high gas prices for years and think gas is cheap in the usa on average we pay $1.25 ot $1.00 more per gallon current gas is $5.20 a gallon as compared to myrtle beach $3.85 a gallon

#2 Comment By Fred Kluge On March 10, 2012 @ 9:02 pm

If gas prices keep raising it will make most of us stay at home as gas prices are making it to expensive to go anywhere let alone take our camper as we all know fuel mileage is way worse with camper. We have no trips planned not even close to home because of fuel prices.

Thank You