Dicor Corp.’s Innovation is Making a Difference

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November 28, 2012 by   Comments Off on Dicor Corp.’s Innovation is Making a Difference

 Dicor Corp. companies lead the way with  components and products that make a dramatic  difference in what RVs can offer.

That’s the message Dicor is spreading at the 50th Annual National RV Trade Show underway this week in Louisville, Ky.

At the company’s “Center of Amazing” display in the North Wing Lobby, Hall 2A in the Kentucky Exposition Center, visitors see a variety of new impact products. Among them:

  • Vixen FRP — a new breakthrough family of products that address different application and finish requirements for sidewalls and panels.
  • New EPDM roofing in the color tan. Coordinate graphics with that. Also — new, more pliable TPO roofing that makes it easier to install a quality roof.
  • New manufacturing robotics for better quality seals for windows, doors and exterior hatches. With amazing manufacturing efficiencies.
  • A buzz of new shade products, including remote control capabilities, to further evolve interior RV window treatments into the 21st century.
  • New aftermarket sealants, cleaners and repair kits to take care of RVs.
  • Lightweight PolyStone solid surface material: first-class countertops at half the weight.
  • To help beat the heat, Dicor Products introduces CoolCoat, a new heat-reducing coating for EPDM RV roofs.
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