Final RVB/Blue Ox Survey: Consolidate Shows

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December 26, 2012 by   Comments Off on Final RVB/Blue Ox Survey: Consolidate Shows

Judging by the late year buzz throughout the industry, RVBusiness staff members knew they were posing a loaded question when they asked the industry in the final RVB/Blue Ox survey on Dec. 11 this simple question: “Would you still prefer that the key national trade associations work toward an All-Industry Show?”

To say that the response was conclusive would be a gross understatement because the concluding survey of 2012 indicated that 90.1% of the respondents were in favor of a consolidated national fall trade event while only 9.9% don’t like the idea.

Here’s a few responses, all of these in favor of a more integrated show calendar:

By having the Elkhart event and the RVIA show in Louisville it makes it very difficult for dealers. A show in October, preferably in Louisville or Chicago, potentially combined with the RVDA would serve all interests.

It’s time to realize that there is no longer a need for all the shows and that most dealers are not willing to continue to attend all of them. One show just makes good sense, saves money and would, in my opinion, increase overall attendance. – Don

It’s going to take some compromises by all sides, but it’s achievable.

The current set up is insane and will only hurt both RVDA and RVIA.

Terrible waste of time and money with present setup!

Central USA? Chicago

I believe it would have more to offer being “All-Together.” Should be held in Vegas. – Donn Kaebisch, OnSite Temp Housing

I have seen both the RVDA and RVIA shows continually grow smaller and smaller and each year there are less and less dealers and with the new Open House, it is killing the suppliers. Something needs to be done. These shows cost way too much to attend with the recent low dealer turnout. I don’t think trying to combine the RVDA show is going to work. They have way too many seminars and the dealers already have no time to see any of the booths that are set up. RVIA and Open House would be good.

RVIA and RVDA (shows) are weakening and the Open House lacks organization. If it was done right for all 3 groups it could be very effective.

After spending 47 years in the RV industry I am a believer in that style of format with one major suggestion: If it is chosen as the Louisville Show, it needs to be expanded as far as the number of available days for viewing product and talking with Vendors and Mfg’s. I would think you might draw more exhibitors. I also like the idea of combining everything into the Open House in Elkhart, but condense the area, instead of having them so spread out. I am very interested in the suppliers. Have a huge tent maybe at the Hall of Fame and also have public days and open the Hall of Fame, free admission for a couple of the public days and ask for donations. – Holiday World RV Consultants & Advisors

“Our intent in posing this question is to keep people thinking and developing ideas for what might happen down the road if everyone stays focused on the goal at hand – hosting cost-effective trade events that hold true value for attendees, exhibitors and sponsors, whether it’s RVIA’s, RVDA’s, RVAA’s or the Elkhart RV industry’s emerging Open House,” said RVB Publisher Sherman Goldenberg

RVB’s staff adds a note of gratitude — and a “Happy New Year!” greeting — to the industry at large and to all those who participated in the survey this year and especially to the senior management of survey partner and sponsor Blue Ox, a Pender, Neb.-based towing products manufacturer.


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