Stag, UVS Junction Offer E-Commerce Platform

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February 20, 2013 by   Comments Off on Stag, UVS Junction Offer E-Commerce Platform

During Stag-Parkway Inc.’s Driving Success Show in San Antonio this January, the Atlanta-based company announced a new partnership with UVS Junction, a web development software and hosting company for RV dealers.

“It is clear that the needs of RV dealers are evolving very fast and all the programming and hosting functions that progressive internet retailers and marketers demand require strategic partnering to deliver solutions that work”, said John Spaulding, senior vice president, marketing, in a press release. “For the past several years, UVS has provided web content for our dealers through their web hosting services. We came to respect their work and believe this is the perfect time to merge our operations, logistics and fulfillment capabilities with their programming and web hosting capabilities.”

Current subscribers to Stag’s bolt-on catalog are being moved over to a new platform hosted by UVS Junction. Stag said that dealers will receive the same support, service and site benefits they are accustomed to getting from STAG at the same price, and the change will be transparent.

For dealers who want a more robust and customizable e-commerce store-front solution, Stag will be offering two new subscriptions – Level II: RVlifestyles Ecommerce and Level III: RVlifestyles Total Management. Both solutions bring a million dollars worth of resources to bear in delivering a turnkey store front product for as little as $4.93 a day. Stag will provide the content and logistics support and UVS will provide the web hosting and technology to support a dealer’s online store.

According to Stag, Level II and III will provide dealers with complete editing control. Dealers will be able to change copy, images and layout. They will also have complete control over online pricing and the ability to ship from their own inventory. These enhanced subscription packages allow the dealer to add web pages, post newsletters, issue certificates and coupons.

In addition to the new storefront solutions, Stag and UVS Junction are offering a new mobile application upgrade for Level II and III subscribers. The mobile app will put a dealer’s storefront in the right format for easy access and browsing on smartphones, pads and other mobile devices. It will allow dealers to broadcast live videos to customers online and demonstrate how a product works or is installed.

For more information, contact Stag Sales or UVS Junction at (407) 359-8878.


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