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TraiManor’s Model Intros ‘More Dealer-Friendly’

Jacksboro, Tenn.-based TrailManor Manufacturing Co. has adopted “a more dealer-friendly approach” in introducing its new models this year, according to a press release.

Instead of debuting the new 2014 in the spring or summer, TrailManor will introduce new models at the fall RV shows. This method, said TrailManor, is more in line with traditional new model introductions.

“TrailManor dealers are in agreement with TrailManor’s new schedule,” said Cleo Eickhoff, vice president of marketing for TrailManor.  “Like TrailManor, they feel that other manufacturers have their new models out much too early, which creates the problem of having outdated inventory on their lots before the summer selling season is over.”

Kate Unruh with The Car Show Inc. RV Center, a long-timeTrailManor dealer in Colorado Springs, Colo., noted, “It is refreshing that TrailManor is being more realistic about releasing their next year’s models late in the year.” She added that some manufacturers release their new models as early as March and April and “that is just too early.”

TrailManor will provide more details about its 2014 models to dealers in late summer – in advance of the shows – to make order planning easy and convenient.

TrailManor travel trailers are unique in that they are hardwall travel trailers that fold down like tent campers for easy towing.  They are also much lighter than traditional travel trailers due to TrailManor’s laminated construction.  TrailManor trailers can be towed with properly equipped minivans, crossovers and small SUVs, so owners don’t have to buy big tow vehicles. The company claimed it only takes about one extra gallon of gas to tow a TrailManor 100 miles.

A TrailManor trailer sets up in less than two minutes and owners don’t even have to unhitch.  Inside, TrailManors have the amenities of upscale travel trailers, including a full kitchen, a hardwall bath with shower and tub, plenty of storage, and great living space.

To learn more about TrailManor’s innovative, super-lightweight trailers, visit www.trailmanor.com.

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