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La Mesa RV Initiates Search for Used Product

In a continuing sign of economic recovery, La Mesa RV Center, headquartered in San Diego, is expanding its purchase of used RV inventory for resale at its 11 locations across the country. According to a press release, purchases are being made from individual RVers as well as from other RV dealers across the nation.

“Our sales department has experienced an uptick in business which is now putting strains on our inventory levels,” stated Tim Ralph, La Mesa RV’s wholesale buyer. “Due to this sales growth, we are now searching for trades from other dealers that may have typically been wholesaled or sent to auction since the unit may have not fit the dealer’s typical sales profile.”

Currently, La Mesa RV Center is in the market to purchase clean, 2005 and newer motorhomes and trailers. La Mesa RV said it is “uniquely equipped to handle the purchase transaction in a professional, timely manner.” Once the agreement has been struck to purchase a unit, it is paid for with verified funds and picked up at the owner’s or dealer’s location by a La Mesa RV driver.

Consumers and dealers may contact Ralph directly at (858) 522-8102 or (619) 972-7509 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Pacific), Monday through Friday.


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