Supplier Equalizer Systems Taps Aftermarket

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April 8, 2013 by   Comments Off on Supplier Equalizer Systems Taps Aftermarket

Equalizer Systems, an Elkhart, Ind.-based manufacturer of leveling and lift systems for RVs and other vehicles, has entered the RV aftermarket following a recent growth spurt.

According to a press release, the new commitment to aftermarket sales includes a Platinum Sponsorship with, one of the largest online RV communities. Equalizer said it will be using the popular site to promote its new lift and leveling systems for fifth-wheels and Class C and Class A motorhomes. Along with advertising, Equalizer personnel will actively monitor the site to offer visitors advice on leveling issues related to RVs.

“This new investment in the RV aftermarket is the logical next step for Equalizer to grow its presence in the RV community,” said Jason Loose, outside sales representative for Equalizer. “For ease of use and rugged dependability, Equalizer offers an affordable, high-quality system that is unmatched by our competitors, and we want to make it more available to the RV user and the RV dealer. Our reputation is well established among manufacturers, and our product line has seen exceptional growth in recent years. We now want to build on that growth and reputation around the RV campfires and at RV dealerships.”

For dedicated do-it-yourselfers and RV service centers, new Equalizer components offer an enhancing add-on for new units as well as a significant upgrade for older RVs.

“Automatic, push-button leveling for a variety of camping situations goes a long way toward simplifying and improving the enjoyment of RV camping,” said Loose. “With a very affordable price point, our system provides a great add-on offering at the point of sale for dealerships and a great value-added option for RVers who don’t want the added fuss and less-than-dependable operation of other systems out there.”

To further facilitate aftermarket add-ons, Equalizer has also established an online store featuring systems and parts for quick and easy ordering by both RVers and RV service centers. The company will also be providing a direct-from-the-factory installation facility in Elkhart, complete with overnight parking with electric for RVers who want to bring their units by for an upgrade.

Loose said effective customer service would also be a priority in the aftermarket, noting, “Our service staff is dedicated to seeing that RV owners and dealers are satisfied every step of the way. This includes a 24/7 Tech Support Line for emergencies as well answers to many questions on our Service & Support web page.

“This is a great new adventure for us and we’re looking forward to establishing some great relationships with RV users and dealers. We believe those relationships will serve to make our product better and RVing better — for everyone.”

To access the online store and more information about Equalizer Systems and components, visit


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