CURT Expanding, Enhancing ‘YouTube’ Page

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May 1, 2013 by   Comments Off on CURT Expanding, Enhancing ‘YouTube’ Page

CURT's YouTube page

CURT Manufacturing, a leading industry supplier of towing products, continues to grow its YouTube page, featuring over 100 videos organized into convenient playlists.

According to a press release, the page started in 2009 with “Inside CURT” virtual tours of the manufacturing facility and then continued growing with how-to videos and product specific feature and benefit videos. CURT said its goal is to educate consumers about their products, walk them through installations, and be the “trusted source for any towing related questions they may have.”

Click here for full access to CURT’s YouTube page.

The Eau Claire, Wis.-based company said the videos have already proven to be a great asset for CURT dealers. Videos are being played in store for customers to see, creating “a great virtual salesperson” for the dealer during busy periods. Installers watch installation videos for additional guidance on how to install a particular hitch.

CURT YouTube videos also help drive consumer traffic to stores through CURT’s “Where to Buy” page, where the majority of consumers opt to buy from a local brick-and-mortar location. The videos also improve search engine results, driving even more traffic to CURT dealers.

“We encourage dealers to embed CURT product and installation videos on their own websites,” said Martin Cuccia-Nilsen, director and videographer of all CURT videos. “Although we are creating many types of videos, a common facet of all productions is information. We want to educate and engage our audience. New content is continuously being created.”

CURT now has around 75 installation and product videos and will continue to release new videos each week. The company has had nearly 150,000 YouTube video views.

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