Tech Course on RV Service to Start on May 20

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May 3, 2013 by   1 Comment

Introduction to recreation vehicle service, a distance learning course offered through Northampton Community College in partnership with the Pennsylvania RV and Camping Association (PRVCA), delves into the workings of a typical RV dealership service center and exposes the student to the skills necessary to function within a dealership environment.

The course, which runs May 20 to June 23, is completed online with homework, quizzes and hands-on assignments required. Students who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate of completion from Northampton Community College.

Discussed in the course is the proper care and use of hand tools. Safety, work habits and the introduction to RV codes and standards are also presented. A deeper look into the various job classifications and pay structures at an RV dealership gives the student a well-rounded view of what is possible after training and certification. After successful completion of this course the student will effectively be able to:

• Identify the different terminology as well as the different classifications of RVs.

• Recognize and identify RV manufacturers and their products.

• Describe the methods of framing, laminating and construction techniques used.

• Locate the plumbing, electrical and LP systems on any RV

• Identify hand tools, shop equipment and specialty tools.

• Describe the safe use and proper care of tools.

• Identify appropriate dress and safety gear.

• Identify the safe storage of hazardous materials.

• Implement safe work habits.

• Find and use material safety data sheet.

• Identify applicable RV codes and standards (NEC, A119.2, DOT & state).

• Identify various RV occupations.

• Describe RV service technician job classifications.

• Identify and utilize service manual, service bulletins, user’s guides and troubleshooting manuals.

• Locate RV specifications in specified service literature.

Tuition cost for the course is $190. Employees of PRVCA members will receive a 50% reimbursement on tuition and textbooks upon successful completion of the course. Completion will qualify participants for 28 RV Technician Recertification Credit Hours.

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One Response to “Tech Course on RV Service to Start on May 20”

  1. FRVTS on May 3rd, 2013 2:06 pm

    When your students receive your certificate do they have the knowledge to earn over $100 an hour?