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UVS Junction Hires Trono to Spearhead SEO

UVS Junction LLC has hired Dominic Trono to oversee the web development and software firm’s in-house search engine optimization (SEO) service. According to a press release, Trono brings nearly 15 years of marketing and SEO experience.

“Over and over we receive emails from our clients asking us our spin on SEO marketing,” said Angie Cellucci, director of Winter Springs, Fla.-based UVS Junction. “They want to know if they should spend the money. Or worse, they’re spending thousands of dollars for unnecessary services. We are also faced with marketing firms asking us to do things to a client site that we clearly know are not effective.”

With Trono joining the UVS team, the company will have an expert to manage this service in-house.

“RV dealers have enough on their plate focusing on rolling metal out the door,” Cellucci said. “Our clients trust us and it’s our responsibility to look out for them. We embraced the idea and ran with it.”

Cellucci said that SEO just adds one more service to UVS Junction’s portfolio.

“This service, as is true of most of our services, will be included in our clients monthly payment,” Cellucci said. “By offering this in-house service, we will continue to keep money in the pockets of our clients.”

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