RV Pulse: Crandall Touts Parks’ Impact on RVs

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June 12, 2013 by   Comments Off on RV Pulse: Crandall Touts Parks’ Impact on RVs

Sequestration & Tight Budgets for America’s Public Parks: What’s the Real Impact for the RV Industry?

America’s Great Outdoors – national parks, forests, wildlife refuges and more – cover a third of our nation and attract a billion recreation visits annually, and more than 7,000 state parks draw another 720 million visits annually. Together, they manage tens of thousands of campsites and inspire countless RV purchases and rentals. That’s why the RV industry needs to be concerned, informed and involved when tight budgets threaten late openings, visitor centers and interpretation cuts – even closures.

Should we be concerned? Yes. Funding for federal campgrounds, trails on public lands, visitor centers and other facilities is considered domestic discretionary spending – and that is the part of the budget most impacted by deficit cuts. Spending on defense and “entitlements” (Social Security, healthcare, etc.) crowds out spending on parks, and crowding will increase when interest rates on the federal debt escalate to more traditional levels.

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