Spartan Rolling Out ‘Chassis Loyalty Program’

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June 27, 2013 by   1 Comment

Spartan Chassis Inc., a subsidiary of Spartan Motors Inc., announced the Spartan Chassis Loyalty Program, a sales incentive program that rewards motorhome customers riding on a Spartan Chassis.

According to a press release, the Loyalty Program provides a $5,000 cash rebate toward the purchase of a new motorhome until Sept. 9.

“This program is a way to say ‘thank you’ to our existing motorhome customers,” says John Sztykiel, president and CEO of Spartan Motors. “We strive to be different and this loyalty program is a way of differentiating Spartan during the all-important summer selling season.

“The dealers have asked us to look and see what else we could do to assist with the resurgence of the motorhome business, and this is how we are jumping into the game. The dealers which represent our OEM customers are very important to us, they drive the business.”

Current Spartan Chassis owners must trade in a motorhome riding on a Spartan chassis, or own another motorhome on a Spartan chassis, to qualify for the cash rebate. Buyers have the option to use the rebate in one of two ways – a check can be mailed to the buyer/end-user after the required documentation is submitted or it may be applied as additional down payment for the purchase of the motorhome.

Spartan said the Chassis Loyalty Program is a critical part of matching sales activites with Spartan’s product innovation, which is a part of Spartan’s D.R.I.V.E. business strategy which stands for Diversified Growth; Redefining Technology and Innovation,Develop Exciting Products Value; Integration of the Enterprise to Achieve Operational Improvement; Vibrant Culture; Extend Our Core Markets.

Building on this plan, D.R.I.V.E. encourages “heightened focus, teamwork and a common approach,” according to the company. Stzykiel added, “It will align associate efforts and emphasize the importance of both collaboration and integration across business units. This strategy will enable diversification and limit exposure to industry cyclicality.

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One Response to “Spartan Rolling Out ‘Chassis Loyalty Program’”

  1. Terrance Pavlack on June 27th, 2013 2:33 pm

    Where can I purchase a Class A RV on the new Spartan Extol Chassis?