Growth at Lance a Sign of Industry’s Recovery

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July 25, 2013 by   Comments Off on Growth at Lance a Sign of Industry’s Recovery

About an hour north of Los Angeles, in Lancaster, Calif., Lance Camper Manufacturing Corp. makes truck campers and travel trailers. In one very specific sense, they are luxury items: Things you don’t need to buy, but things you will purchase when or if you’re feeling economically secure.

And by secure, we mean pretty darn secure: These campers and trailers can cost upwards of $20,000.

According to a Marketplace Business report, CEO Jack Cole has worked at Lance Camper since 1966. He says they felt the recession in 2008 immediately, when sales plunged.

“And when that happens, we have to downsize,” Cole says. He says they went from 460 employees to 120. The cuts, says Cole, were painful. But now, they’re feeling the recovery.

“We’ve added new equipment, we’ve added more people,” Cole says. “The fact that our business is back, it’s a sign that the consumer is back.”

Cole says he thinks the recovery is real and says, “you’ll see a sign of a really good economy where [interest] rates tick up a little bit and people will still go out and spend” on things like a camper that often times people pay for with credit.

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