RVIA Offers Free Tech Course to Aid Research

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July 23, 2013 by   Comments Off on RVIA Offers Free Tech Course to Aid Research

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) is allowing free access for a limited time to the Propane Systems section of the RV Service Technician Certification Prep Course as part of a research study about the impact of self-paced online instructional learning.

According to a press release, eligible RV service technicians will complete the course covering certification preparation material about propane systems in RVs and then participate in the research project to investigate the impact of persuasive instructional strategies on learner performance in self-paced online courses.  Those interested in participating can visit and select the “Study Consent and Qualification” link to open an account, review the informed consent details, and confirm eligibility to enroll in this study program.

RV service technicians eligible to participate in the program are:

• Technicians preparing for certification.

• Technicians considering enrolling in the RV Service Technician Certification Prep Course.

• Previously certified (expired) technicians.

RV service technicians excluded from the program include those that are:

• Currently certified technicians.

• Previous RV Service Technician Certification Prep Course enrollees.

• Florida RV Trade Association (FRVTA) RV Service Technician Certification Prep Course enrollees.

• Canadian RV service technicians.

Upon providing consent to participate in the study, technicians will be enrolled in the Propane Systems course. It is estimated that the course will take 3-5 hours to complete and technicians will have 30 days from the start date to revisit the course or finish all activities. Participation in this project is completely voluntary and the only direct benefit will be the knowledge gained through the course. Any decision to participate or not to participate in the study should not impact your employment in any way.

The findings of the study will influence the design and delivery of online courses and provide new and effective knowledge to instructional designers looking to implement and research the use of persuasive instructional strategies. This study is being conducted by Christine Page Chen and supervised by faculty member Rodrick Sims from Capella University, as a part of her doctoral dissertation requirements. All collected data will be used for academic publications only. No personal information will be disclosed during or after the dissemination process.

Direct all your questions to Page Chen via email ( or by phone at (661) 609-6011. Visit to enroll in the study.

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