UVS Upgrade Improves Web Tracking on Sites

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July 25, 2013 by   Comments Off on UVS Upgrade Improves Web Tracking on Sites

UVS Junction announced that it has enhanced its online console for dealers with a heatmap and site stats map to improve web tracking and performance.

“Having a real time heatmap installed is an amazing tool that allows our clients to click onto a tab and view actual impressions for every page on their site,” said UVS Junction Director Angie Cellucci in a press release. “The more impressions in one area, the hotter the map. This tool paints a clear picture and helps us provide the best page layout for our clients helping them benefit by all their traffic.”

She added, “With our Grid Builder, moving modules around to key hot spots on the website is easy. Combine these tools and together they are truly cutting edge.”

In addition to the heatmaps that track every page, including custom pages, UVS also introduced a site stats map that shows real time visitors who are on your site at that moment.

“A red dot will show up on the map,” Cellucci said. “The more people the hotter the dot. You just click on the dot to pinpoint the location of where the IP is being sent from. You can also change the view to satellite for even more detailed viewing.”

Cellucci reported that the company would be “adding different levels of tracking as we grow the product, including graph and pie charts.”

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