Dyson Vacuums Grow Presence in RV Industry

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August 31, 2013 by   Comments Off on Dyson Vacuums Grow Presence in RV Industry

Technology will continue to be the driving force for Dyson in the months ahead as “the movement towards cordless becomes more apparent as the way of the future,” according to a press release.

“We view it much like the advent of cell phones — some a little cautious, others concerned about price, but many realizing there is no turning back and there are just too many advantages,” said G3 Solutions owner Jerry Eakle. “It is Dyson’s focus and their digital motor that allows such pursuits. Eventually the form, versatility and functionality will win out as the goal is to be “untethered” by bags, hoses, and cords when cleaning.

“The power, performance and price have all continued to improve and our best salespeople are now the expanded OEM’s we have standardizing. We’re only a couple year’s into this, and this upcoming season, we’ll be seeing our market expand from luxury and high–end fifth-wheels, into the mid-profile class.”

The Dyson cordless will be making some new appearances this year as Heartland Recreational Vehicles LLC is offering Dyson products in its Big Country, Big Horn and Landmark models.

Kary Katzenberger, general manager for Heartland’s Big Horn and Landmark noted, “Bighorn and Landmark are very excited to offer the Dyson cordless vacuum as a standard in our product lineup. With Dyson’s reputation as the best vacuum in the market, standardizing their cordless vacuum will give our retail customers a true value added feature and one they deserve to have on-board.”

Eakle added, “It’s nice to see we have kept our original early adaptors at KZ, Open Range and Jayco and now have built a very supportive industrywide group of progressive accounts with both Thor and Forest River becoming great drivers this upcoming year.”


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