International Thermal Research (ITR) Introduces the Oasis Combi

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August 28, 2013 by   Comments Off on International Thermal Research (ITR) Introduces the Oasis Combi

The OASIS COMBI is a 12 VDC, diesel fueled hydronic heater. The COMBI has the ability to provide a two loop configuration and up to five heating zones. Other features of the OASIS COMBI include ITR’s patented no smoke, no smell, low pressure burner with whisper-quiet operation and ultra low emissions, a “true” output of 42,000 BTUs, fuel consumption of 0.40 US gals/ hour of continuous operation, and on-demand continuous hot water. The OASIS COMBI features a built-in overflow bottle and expansion tank. The heater includes a built-in 1500 watt electric element to provide an additional 5200 BTUs. When a coach is on shore power, this feature allows for limited hot water without the use of the diesel burner. The COMBI’s burner and water jacket are stainless, and the entire heater features marine grade construction. The COMBI is 14” high, 16” wide and 23” deep and is certified to UL and CSA standards.
The OASIS COMBI is the perfect choice for smaller diesel Class A coaches, large Class B coaches, and Class C coaches. It offers a thoroughly modern replacement heater for older hydronic heating systems, including propane systems that are upgraded to a diesel fueled heater.

For more information about ITR’s line of OASIS Hydronic RV heating systems, Marine Hydronic heaters, and diesel fueled non-powered space heaters, call ITR directly or visit our website:

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