Lippert’s StrapTek Safely Adjusts Trailer Weight

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August 13, 2013 by   2 Comments

Lippert introduces StrapTek

Lippert Components Inc. has introduced StrapTek, a new weight distribution product that employs a ratchet winch and heavy-duty polyester straps instead of traditional chains and snap-up brackets. According to a press release, StrapTek allows users to safely and easily adjust weight distribution spring bars on travel trailers and cargo trailers with a standard socket wrench.

“Like other RVers out there, hooking up my weight distribution system made me anxious,” said product developer Dave Gramlin. “I was tired of dealing with noisy, cumbersome and potentially dangerous chain systems that sometimes left me with bruises.”

Traditional chain systems can require raising and lowering the tow vehicle with a jack several times to get the right tension. StrapTek adjusts by simply tightening or loosening the straps using a standard socket wrench, saving time and energy.

“StrapTek is a safe alternative that also provides superior sway control,” added Gramlin.

StrapTek integrates easily with most weight distribution hitch systems on the market and is available in a fully integrated OEM version as well as a “universal-fit” aftermarket kit. In addition to the towing benefits and easy hookup StrapTek provides to the end user, the OEM version provides manufacturers another benefit.

“Because of the fully integrated OEM design, manufacturers no longer need to leave open space on the draw bars to accommodate aftermarket bracket systems,” said LCI Vice President of Sales Andy Murray. “This gives OEMs more freedom on placement of LP tanks, battery trays, spare tires, etc. We believe this is a significant benefit and know our customers will find innovative ways to take advantage of this added flexibility.”

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2 Responses to “Lippert’s StrapTek Safely Adjusts Trailer Weight”

  1. Tom Bastnagel on August 15th, 2013 9:30 pm

    I am lucky enough to have seen this system in action very recently. Being relatively new to the trailer scene and an engineer, I am thoroughly impressed. I wish I had this from the get go in order to avoid the cranking up and down to tension the bars when hitching up. On a hot day, the up and down amounts to a sweaty mess (I have a manual jack). I always cringe when cranking up my bars, wondering if I’m going to do my back in. With this, the ratchet system gives you a much better mechanical advantage than a straight bar. This is a super improvement to weight distribution hitches!

  2. Kayden Jackson on August 27th, 2013 4:38 am

    Weight is very much important to ensure not only correct trailer capacity but safety of the road.It should be undertaken with great care and an eye toward safety first.