Ohio RV Dealers Enjoying Strong Sales in 2013

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August 13, 2013 by   Comments Off on Ohio RV Dealers Enjoying Strong Sales in 2013

This summer, more families seem to be gassing up recreational vehicle than ever before.

Trent Fink, of Fink’s Custom Vans & RV Center in Zanesville, Ohio, said lower lodging costs associated with RV travel are appealing to more people in the current economy, according to a report in the Newark Advocate.

“I talked to some people who took their camper out and paid like $12, $13 a night,” Fink said. “You can vacation year-round, and you save on a lot of hotel rooms.”

Fink said his sales seem to be down “but we get our fair share,” noting rentals of RVs also are becoming popular.

Fink’s Larry Pletcher said he’s also heard people complaining about the high price of hotel stays and said taking an RV out is becoming a popular, cost-saving alternative.

“When you get done paying for it, it’s yours. A lot of people find someplace to park it, and that becomes their spot to go to every year,” Pletcher said. “There’s also concern over bed bugs in hotels. You don’t have to worry about who slept there the night before and the night before that in your own RV.”

Some businesses, such as Grubb Hitch, Trailer & RV Center have seen an increase in sales among people looking for service and accessories for their RVs.

“We’ve had trailers and RVs lined up,” said Scott Blumenstock, Grubb’s owner. “People are dedicated to them; they love to take these things out.”

Although Grubb doesn’t sell RVs, Blumenstock said an increased interest in rentals — the closest RV rental is at Stoney’s RV near Cambridge — has him considering adding rentals in the future. Other RV retailers around the state are noting sales increases.

Ryan Meeks, sales manager at Craig Smith RV Center in Galion, said RV sales are up from 2012.

“We’re off to a very good start,” he said. “I think a lot of it is due to the improvement in the economy — people having more confidence and people starting to spend money on things they really enjoy.”

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