Elkhart Area Gets Big Boost From Open Houses

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September 17, 2013 by   Comments Off on Elkhart Area Gets Big Boost From Open Houses

While hotels and restaurants in Elkhart County get a big boost from Notre Dame home football games, there’s something even bigger coming: Elkhart RV Open House Week.

The Elkhart Truth reported that the event, in its sixth year, is centered largely along County Road 6 northeast of Elkhart as RV manufacturers and suppliers show off their wares to thousands of RV dealers.

“Elkhart will be invaded by dealers from all over the country and Canada,” said Randy Fish, who does marketing in the RV industry and has been around the industry for decades.

B.J. Thompson, owner of BJ Thompson Associates in Elkhart, noted, “From what I understand, it’s going to be bigger than ever” with Elkhart’s population increasing by 8% while the dealers are in town.

Diana Lawson of the Elkhart County Convention and Visitors Bureau said, “it’s not only the tourism industry, it affects absolutely the entire community when this event happens.

“Quite simply, this event is the largest event that we have in this county in terms of filling hotel rooms and the impact that it has on the hotels, the restaurants. Almost everything that we have to offer here is consumed,” from catering to disc jockeys.

Since Forest River started the event in 2008, it has grown into an “amazing” event, Lawson said. “To simply state the enormity of what this event is to Elkhart County, it’s better than the best Notre Dame home game that we’ve ever had,” she said. “The demand on our restaurants and catering facilities is enormous.”

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