Ford Defending Turf in Full-Size Pickup Battles

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September 24, 2013 by   Comments Off on Ford Defending Turf in Full-Size Pickup Battles

Ford F-150 pickup truck

The autumn pickup wars have been joined, with Ford aggressively defending its segment leadership against redesigned rivals from General Motors and Chrysler Group’s Ram brand.

Automotive News reported that Ford’s F series continues to lead full-sized pickups with 39.4% of the market through August. There’s a lot at stake as football season starts and truckmakers roll out promotional campaigns.

“Ford will defend that turf,” said Tom Libby, analyst for Polk. “If they can’t defend it with the product, they’ll defend it with incentives. The benefits to them of having the most popular vehicle in the country are huge. For the next several months they’ll be in a defensive situation. They now have the oldest product in the segment, so for the next 10 months they’ll have to defend it with other means.”

Ford won’t begin making its 2014 models until late October or early November. Ford is expected to launch the next-generation F-series pickup as a 2015 model in the second half of 2014. Ram introduced its new 1500 in the last quarter of 2012, while the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra began hitting the market this summer.

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