Kronen Introduces New 4 oz. Package

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September 19, 2013 by   Comments Off on Kronen Introduces New 4 oz. Package

Kronen New 4 oz. Package

St. Louis, MO – ProPack Packaging, the manufacturer of Kronen Premium Holding Tank Treatments, has introduced the ultimate nature safe way to treat black and grey water tanks in a convenient 4 oz. single use bottle. The bottles are packaged in a convenient 6-pack box which provides an attractive shelf presence that maximizes space on dealer shelves.

This new package was scheduled to debut at the RVIA Show in Louisville this fall, but strong sales mandated this early launch to prevent backorders. “We had been working on this change, anticipating a fall/winter roll-out, but by June it was evident we were going to sell out of our current package, so we expedited the change to meet growing demand” said Michael Meuser, ProPack President, who admitted “it’s a good problem to have when sales exceed forecasts.”

The new box has a great billboard presence, which draws customers to the shelf, increasing sales for dealers. “This new package builds on our position as the premium brand in the segment,” Meuser added. “The gold and purple color scheme reinforces Kronen’s signature message to customers who want to buy the best in environmentally friendly sanitation products.”

Kronen boost nature’s own mechanism by using a potent combination of naturally occurring microorganisms that are specifically designed to break down and liquefy organic materials for easy transfer. Except for a subtle herbal fragrance, all you are left with is a completely odorless liquid. For more information about the product, contact you local R.V. and Marine dealers or email

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