‘RV Adventure’ Videos Draw Crowd at RV Shows

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September 26, 2013 by   Comments Off on ‘RV Adventure’ Videos Draw Crowd at RV Shows

The staff at RV Adventure Videos just finished its 10th annual appearance at America’s Largest RV Show in Hershey, Pa. The series of RV adventure talks enhanced by videos of various RV travel opportunities, posted record numbers at the show, owner John Holod reported today. reported that bringing Holod’s team to RV shows actually helps dealers and show organizers sell RVs by getting people excited about the journeys they can enjoy in an RV, he explained.

“On the second day of the show a couple walked up to our seminar area,” said Holod. “The wife explained she was trying to talk her reluctant husband into buying their first RV by bringing him to the show. She bought eight of our DVDs in an effort to encourage him to make a purchase, and the couple intended to watch them that evening.

“The next afternoon the couple came by again, grinning from ear to ear,” he added. “They  announced they were the proud owners of a brand new RV. I asked what type they had bought, expecting to hear the first timers got a popup or Class C, instead she said they got a 40-foot diesel pusher! Why start at the bottom when you can jump to the top?”

Holod said his videos help sell RVs by promoting the RV lifestyle, big or small.

To view clips of some of the adventure DVDs, visit

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