VIDEO 3: ‘Black Book’ Sees Auction Values Fall

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September 3, 2013 by   Comments Off on VIDEO 3: ‘Black Book’ Sees Auction Values Fall

Today’s video comes from “Beggs Black Book” offering a monthly analysis of the wholesale specialty vehicle market. The average auction prices of used motorhomes and towables dropped dramatically last month, but a closer look at the data reveals some insight that takes away some of the sting of the bad news. Motorhomes came in at an average selling price at auction of $35,899, which is $3,313 (9%) less than last month’s $39,212. Towables, including travel trailers, fifth-wheels and camping trailers, dropped to $10,218, a decrease of $1,029 (10%) from last month’s $11,247.  For reference, one year ago motorhomes were selling for $41,652 and towables were $11,195. Although those look like huge declines at first glance, they are not as bad as they seem. The average motorhome sold for 97.41% of its Black Book RV Guide value last month, down only slightly from 99.20% two months ago. Towables came in at 100.42% of their Black Book value, as opposed to their earlier ratio of 103.88%. So what does this tell us? Clearly, the market has declined a few percentage points, but what is really going on is that this past month more lower-end units were sold than had previously. Ricky Beggs covers towable and motorized RVs, along with heavy-duty trucks, motorcycles/powersports and collectible cars. To access the video click here or scroll to the right side of the home page.

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