Award-Winning RV Travelers Stop Over in Mass.

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October 29, 2013 by   Comments Off on Award-Winning RV Travelers Stop Over in Mass.

Log of the Prestons' RV trek

Most people come to Salem, Mass., in October for the Halloween festivities. But for John Ellis and Laura Preston, National Geographic’s “Travelers of the Year,” Salem was a place to rest.

The Boston Globe reported that after days on the road, the couple arrived in Salem on Oct. 20, parking their Airstream travel trailer at Winter Island Park, one of only two RV spots in the Northeast. Since the middle of 2012, Ellis and Preston have been doing what many Americans only dream of: traveling across the U.S, Airstream in tow, driving back roads and highways to see the diverse regions of the country.

It’s a journey they call, “The Democratic Travelers,” referring to their crowd-sourced travel itinerary that’s decided by others through their website, Friends and strangers alike visit the website, suggest a place where the two should travel, or vote on the suggestions of others. If a place receives multiple votes in its favor, “The Democratic Travelers” will turn its camper in that direction.

While no one voted for the travelers to come to Salem, they came anyway to stay at Winter Island Park, glad for the chance to visit and restock their supplies.

“We heard Salem gets pretty exciting around Halloween,” said Preston. “It’s been great to catch a glimpse of what that means.”

The crowd-sourced idea for the trip began over two years ago, four months after Ellis and Preston began dating in Brooklyn, N.Y. Eight months later, on Feb. 1, the couple departed in their Airstream travel trailer from West Palm Beach, Fla., for the west coast.

What was originally going to be only a one-year trip to those democratically selected sights has since turned into a journey of indefinite length.

“It’s a lifestyle,” said Preston. “You get in the routine of having no real routine. And you get to see so many beautiful places in the process.”

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