Cequent Wins Intellectual Property Rights Case

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October 19, 2013 by   Comments Off on Cequent Wins Intellectual Property Rights Case

TriMas Corporation announced that Cequent Performance Products (CPP) reached an agreement with Pacific Rim International, LLC that protects Cequent’s intellectual property rights for its Bulldog brand 2-speed jack design.

According to a press release, Cequent owns the patent that protects its Bulldog 2-speed jack, which is the leading design in the horse, livestock and industrial trailer markets. Cequent’s patented Bulldog 2-speed jack incorporates a proprietary 2-speed gearbox designed with a drop leg jack in mind that makes cranking easier when fully loaded and faster when unloaded by utilizing advantageous gear ratios.

Cequent discovered that Pacific Rim sold jacks nearly identical to the patented technology in Cequent’s Bulldog jacks, and filed a patent infringement suit against Pacific Rim. Cequent demanded that Pacific Rim stop selling those jacks in the marketplace, and pay Cequent for monetary damages based on the sale of those jacks.

In response to Cequent’s claims, Pacific Rim agreed to a confidential settlement with Cequent. As a result, Cequent is still the only provider of state of the art jacks utilizing a 2-speed gearbox with power and speed for the most effective and efficient jack at all loads.

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