Equine Motorcoach Shows at ‘Horse Congress’

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October 8, 2013 by   Comments Off on Equine Motorcoach Shows at ‘Horse Congress’

Equine Motorcoach LLC will be exhibiting product as part of the All American Quarter Horse Congress at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, running through Oct. 27.

According to a press release, the Congress attracts more than 650,000 people to the Columbus area, bringing more than $180 million to the central Ohio economy.

“We will have our Equine Carriage ST and the Renegade RV Explorer and IKON units on site to demonstrate the many ways you can transport horses and live on the road,” said Tom Stinnett, designer and co-owner for Equine Motorcoach and owner of Tom Stinnett Derby City RV in Clarksville, Ind. “Of course, our Equine Motorcoach can also transport up to 20 feet and 30,000 pounds behind the 45-foot vehicle in addition to transporting horses in the all in one RV and horse transport.”

He added, “The display will showcase the different ways horse enthusiasts can transport and live on the road. We are looking forward to working with Gary Stites and his team from Lakota of Ohio at this event. We know that many horse show businesses use the living quarters as the model for transport. His horse trailers are a perfect companion to our trucks.”

The new line supplements the flagship product, Equine Motorcoach, which is capable of towing a 20-foot horse trailer.






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