Tiffin Adding Aqua-Hot on All Phaeton Class A’s

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October 7, 2013 by   Comments Off on Tiffin Adding Aqua-Hot on All Phaeton Class A’s

Aqua-Hot has expanded its relationship with Tiffin Motorhomes Inc., as its 400D model will be installed on all Phaeton Class A motorhomes.

“This hydronic heating system is such a unique product that I tell our RV customers they have to experience it to believe it,” said Jerry Williamson, national sales manager for Red Bay Ala.-based Tiffin Motorhomes, in a press release. “There’s a night and day difference between Aqua-Hot and an ordinary gas water heater.”

Tiffin also uses Aqua-Hot in its Allegro Bus and Zephyr motorhomes. “Our Phaeton model has gained even more luxury features in the past few years, so it was a natural fit to include a high-end brand like Aqua-Hot,” said Williamson.

The compact Aqua-Hot 400D hydronic heating system delivers continuous, on-demand hot water as well as quiet, clean and even interior heat that is never dry. The versatile unit can operate on AC shore power when required for hot water or only light duty heating. If needed for continuous hot water or interior heating in colder temperatures, it can also run on diesel fuel.

The hydronic heating relies on tubing that runs hot liquid into heat exchangers that then efficiently disperse heat into living areas. Coils wrapped around the boiler carry hot potable water to faucets and appliances.

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