UVS Junction Introduces a ‘Video E-Mail Widget’

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October 18, 2013 by   Comments Off on UVS Junction Introduces a ‘Video E-Mail Widget’

UVS Junction announced the launch of its newest widget built just for video e-mail, according to a press release.

“Our clients can have as many active video e-mails gong as they like at any given time,” said Director Angie Cellucci. “The unique ID that’s assigned to the video message that is sent chooses the video. Videos are loaded easily into our UVS Media Center and a URL is automatically assigned. The URL assigned is what you attach to your e-mail message.”

Marketing strategies that will impact prospects include:

* Dealers can shoot a video walk-through of the unit a prospect shows interest in. “You can even use your smartphone to create your video,” Cellucci said. While shooting the video address the prospect by name or reference a topic based on what was discussed. This will allow them to know that you took the time to create the video just for them.

* Zoom in and out of features within the unit. Load the video into the UVS Media Console and in seconds that e-mail is ready to be sent.

· Shoot a video of stale inventory. Highlight pricing and features and send to the customer list.

· Shoot a video on road or service tips and keep customers in the loop. Include coupons and incentives on your video e-mail landing page.

· Shoot a TV spot.

It’s a warm and inviting way to communicate through the power of the internet and most importantly it’s free to all UVS clients,” said Cellucci.

To see an actual video-emial click here.


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