UVS Adding ‘Business-to-Business Service Map’

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November 27, 2013 by   Comments Off on UVS Adding ‘Business-to-Business Service Map’


UVS Junction LLC announced that clients now have access to a business-to-business service map. According to a press release, the company currently services over 270 RV dealers across the country.

“The power of our strong client base is reflected in these internal tools and it makes sense to network our clients with this level of connectivity,” said Director Angie Cellucci. “The map allows our clients to search all 270-plus locations by keywords or manufacturer and find the closes dealer regarding their service or parts inquiry. Dealers can now pass on business or even locate hard to find parts within the UVS customer base. It’s just another great addition to our website back end tools.”

The service map is the latest internal tool UVS provides for client use, including an RV Finder installed last month. Cellucci said the RV Finder gives clients the opportunity to locate inventory that they may not have on their lot.

“Currently there are over 22,000 units to search from within the UVS client base and that’s only the available units,” Cellucci said. “If we ran a search for all inventory including on order, sold, sale pending and virtual we would tip over 100,000 units nationwide.

“Dealers search the unit and our system calculates the distance the unit would be to see if the deal is potential. The automotive industry has been doing this for years.”

To see demo video on the business-to-business service map click here

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