Rabbi’s ‘Ugly RV’ Upsetting Exclusive N.Y. Area

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December 16, 2013 by   Comments Off on Rabbi’s ‘Ugly RV’ Upsetting Exclusive N.Y. Area

Residents in one of New York’s most exclusive neighborhoods are up in arms after several beaten-up old RVs are reported blighting the streets.

According to a report in the U.K-based Daily Mail Reporter, angry Upper West Side locals have complained that the vehicles are turning their highly desirable area into a trailer park, taking up valuable parking spaces and generally lowering the tone.

With its easy access to Central Park, the area is much sought after with some of the highest prices in the city, but now some residents are concerned that others are trying move in by stealth.

One trailer, a rusty ’84 Chevy Pathfinder, parked at Riverside Drive and 74th Street has been described by local resident Gretchen Berger, as ‘an ugly piece of junk.’

The RV belongs to Queens-born Rabbi Steve Blumberg, a Kabbalah practitioner, who said the residents ought to take life less seriously.

“If you want a gated community, you should live in Creedmoor Psychiatric Center,” he said. “Otherwise-liberal West Siders have very serious middle-class scruples about what should or should not be in their neighborhood.”

The Rabbi, 62, bought the vehicle on eBay for $8,000 in 2007 and has living in it on and off since, although he claims he is currently living rent-free in a nearby apartment.

Blumberg said he continues to use the 23-foot vehicle as a crash pad for visiting friends, or as a space to collect his thoughts, meditate and pray.

Leaving a mobile home on a city street for more than 24 hours is illegal with fines starting at $115.

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