RVIA Chair Gaeddert Applauds Marketing Efforts

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December 17, 2013 by   1 Comment

RVIA Chairman Doug Gaeddert addresses Outlook audience

Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) Chairman Doug Gaeddert, general manager at Forest River Inc., told attendees at RVIA’s “Outlook 2014: Everywhere” program that the industry has a bright future for the upcoming year and beyond.

Gaeddert lauded the industry’s promotional efforts in helping raise awareness of RV travel and camping in his remarks. “”If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, and I’ll keep on saying it because I truly believe that our collective effort to promote RV ownership through Go RVing’s advertising campaign and RVIA’s public relations efforts is some of the most important work we do.”

He added that the combined approaches pack an effective promotional one-two punch. “Our PR machine secures unbelievable coverage in the nation’s largest and most prestigious media outlets, boosting the image and popularity of RVing,” Gaeddert said. “Meanwhile, Go RVing’s ‘AWAY’ campaign utilizes fabulous creative materials and innovative social media strategies to generate leads and zero in our target audiences.”

Gaeddert also challenged the industry’s marketing communications program to help promote career opportunities in the RV industry. “As an industry, we compete very effectively for leisure discretionary dollars against our competition. Looking ahead, perhaps we could realize similar results in our efforts to meet the growing need for skilled RV technicians by including awareness messages about career possibilities in our current media outreach efforts.”

Gaeddert closed by saying that even with the robust recovery of the RV market over recent years that there was still ample opportunity for the industry to grow, particularly if the government cooperates.

“In the coming weeks, the officials we elected will be meeting once again to resolve the same spending and debt limit issues they just kicked one hop down the road less than two months ago,” he said. “Bowles/Simpson has already done most of the heavy lifting for them and not much has really changed since its conclusion. Basically they just need to have the courage to do the jobs we elected them to do. Term limits by the way would make this far easier in the future. I strongly encourage you, to strongly encourage them – to get it done early, to get it done right, and to get it done for the long haul. We’ve got an economy that’s purring along nicely right now, and if they don’t fumble again, it’s ready to really roar.”

RVIA’s “Outlook 2014: Everywhere” program kicked off the association’s National RV Trade Show on Dec. 3 in Louisville, Ky.

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One Response to “RVIA Chair Gaeddert Applauds Marketing Efforts”

  1. Randy Adams on December 17th, 2013 2:20 pm

    I am absolutely confident that the truly remarkable job James Asbury and his people have done will translate into a meaningful uptick in first-time buyers. These ads are simply tremendous, saying job well done may understate the case.