AmeriGo Aligns with RVing Accessibility Group

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May 1, 2014 by   Comments Off on AmeriGo Aligns with RVing Accessibility Group

      AmeriGO RV Club, the newest RV consumer organization in the RV industry launched in August 2013, announced a collaboration with RVing Accessibility Group.

According to a press release, RVing Accessibility will provide information for the club’s members and industry partners with the goal of enhancing the awareness for recreational accessibility via AmeriGO’s blogs and articles.

“This new strategic alliance helps support RVing Accessibility’s mission of advocating accessibility for the RV and camping community,” said Joe McAdams, chairman of AmeriGO RV Club. “Our RV industry veteran team is pleased to work with the premier accessibility advocates focused on the RV sector, and dedicated to making RVing more accessible and enjoyable for travelers with disabilities.”

“We are very pleased to collaborate with the time-honored RV industry experts at AmeriGO RV Club to provide travelers with relevant and accurate information about RV facilities, as well as valuable information to help businesses understand the benefits of being ADA compliant, including revenue growth,” said Mark Douglass, founder and CEO/Accessibility Specialist. “RVing accessibility applauds AmeriGO RV Club for recognizing the importance of accessibility in the RV segment and for bringing awareness to our organization to benefit RV travelers with disabilities.

By design, AmeriGO RV Club said it “presents a comprehensive online experience with a blend of rich content and an inviting community.” Focused on enhancing the RVing lifestyle for all kinds of RV enthusiasts, AmeriGO exclusively presents vertical-interest groups, where RVers with similar interests from around the country can connect through a series of “electronic” campfires, including one dedicated Lifestyle Group focused on the needs of RVers with Disabilities.

Further enhanced by this new alliance, the company features an ever-expanding range of RV accessibility-related travel tips and hints, news, and resources. The special section features articles with valuable information for RVers with disabilities, such as: How to Make Your RV More Accessible, Accessible Routes, Functional Spaces — Your RV Flooring, and more. Articles can be accessed via

RVing Accessibility is focused on providing peace of mind by enhancing the awareness for recreational accessibility through education, example, and experience, as well as via public and private businesses that serve RVers. The organization’s team consists of highly trained, professional accessibility specialists, available to provide on-site education and technical assistance for the Outdoor Recreation Industry.

RV Accessibility’s resource information will be featured in articles, blog posts, and interviews via Additionally, RVers are encouraged to visit for information on enjoying recreational travel and discovering accessible outdoor recreational facilities.

For additional information, or to become a member of AmeriGO RV Club, visit


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