Industry Vet Selling off RV Internet Domains

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May 23, 2014 by   Comments Off on Industry Vet Selling off RV Internet Domains

Industry veteran Charles Davis is selling off hundreds of RV-related Internet domains through an online auction site.

Davis said he “served in several capacities” in the RV industry before developing an online-based business model in 1998 and opening

“At the time, if people wanted to purchase an expensive diesel pusher, the only finance arm available was the local bank,” Davis said. “Through the website we could hook people up with national banks and allow them to get 15- to 20-year financing.”

Davis said he also began buying Internet domains. “It became an overwhelming burden for us to get each and every one of them up and properly built out, and finally we stopped doing so,” Davis said. “We simply parked a bunch of them on e-Bay and there they have sat for years earning a little money but more importantly aging.

“The parked domains are a real asset to someone who is willing to spend the time building them out. There are some terrific domains for a forward thinking businessman who gets the Internet.”

Davis said the reason for selling the sites is that he’s ready to retire.

To access the website click here.

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