New Jersey RVers ‘Get Away’ to In-State Sites

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May 5, 2014 by   Comments Off on New Jersey RVers ‘Get Away’ to In-State Sites

On summer Fridays, when beachgoers re-enact “Mad Max” southbound on the Garden State Parkway, Linda Dellett of Neptune drives west, heading away from the Shore to unwind for the weekend at a Blairstown campground.

The Star-Ledger reported that the legal assistant and her husband have a 36-foot trailer that serves as a summer home. Rain or shine, the couple camps every weekend. They start the season early, traditionally opening the trailer on Good Friday so they can get an extra few weeks of rustic fun pre-Memorial Day.

“We live at the Shore and we come to the mountains to relax,” said Dellett, 64, whose trailer is permanently parked at the TripleBrook Camping Resort in Blairstown, Warren County. “We have the beach all year and it gets so busy at the Shore during the summer that we like to get away.”

The Garden State has a growing community of campers, people who vacation close to home in trailers, motorhomes and cabins. A lot of families embraced camping during the recession, seeking low-cost escapes, said Maggy Robinson, co-owner of the Holly Shores Camping Resort in Cape May.

“People always need a break to spend time with their family and maybe if you used to go to the Hilton, now you’re going to the Best Western and if you were a Best Western customer, you’re saying, ‘We can’t afford this but we can afford camping,'” Robinson said. “Here’s a place you can go with your family for $50 to $60 a night that has all kinds of activities.”

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