InterVac Designs Power Management System

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June 5, 2014 by   Comments Off on InterVac Designs Power Management System

New Power Management System for RoadVac

New Power Management System for RoadVac

InterVac Design Corp. Inc., creator of the Roadvac built-in vacuum system, announced the addition of the Power Management System for RVs with 30-amp power systems. According to a press release, the product will be available to recreational vehicle manufacturers in the summer of 2014.

The Power Management System for RoadVac takes the guesswork out of operating on-board equipment, the company said. RVers can switch between two electrical devices – typically the compact built-in vacuum and the RV’s microwave, water heater or other major appliances – to avoid overloading critical electrical circuits that trip the power off in 30-amp systems.

“Our power management option prevents the power from tripping the circuit breaker because it only allows one high demand system to be used at a time,” said co-founder Peter Schlapkohl. “It’s just another way interVac is adding convenience to the recreational vehicle experience.”

Schlapkohl, and his wife and business partner, Susan, anticipate the new interVac Power Management System for RoadVac will be very well received by the RV manufacturing industry.

“I have just returned from meetings with a number of manufacturers in Elkhart, Ind.,” said Susan Schlapkohl. “Ease of installation, convenience for the customer and the fact it is made in the U.S., are among the top reasons manufactures are choosing to have our interVac products as standard equipment in their vehicles.”



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