RV Travel Features Xantrex on YouTube Site

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June 27, 2014 by   Comments Off on RV Travel Features Xantrex on YouTube Site

     Xantrex, a manufacturer of charging and inverting equipment for RVs, will be featured over the next five weeks on the RV Travel Channel on YouTube.

One segment a week will be promoted in’s daily newsletter RV Daily Tips. All together, editor Chuck Woodbury expects more than 100,000 RVers will view the segments over the next year with a similar pace continuing in the future.

“Exposure on a video channel like ours is not about a huge hit of viewers at one time like with TV, where there’s a big surge and then it’s over,” said Woodbury. “It’s about a steady stream of viewers day after day and week after week for years.”

In the Xantrex segments,’s technical editor Chris Dougherty interviews Rob Heckenast, the company’s program manager, about charging converters in RVs, adding chassis battery charging equipment, and options for adding inverter power to an RV to operate the refrigerator while on the road.

The RV Travel Channel is the most watched on YouTube about RVs and the RV lifestyle, said Woodbury, who said it has attracted more than 5.5 million views and is growing at about 15,000 views a day.

“The future of ‘TV’ is not on traditional television,” said Woodbury, who was recently named the 2014 Distinguished Journalist of the Year by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). “People will get their information individual segments on YouTube, Vimeo and elsewhere, watching topics they are acutely interested in on their time schedule, not a TV networks.”

The RV Travel YouTube Channel is at and contains more than 360 videos with more being added daily.

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