RV Travel’s ‘RV Talk Live’ Launches Saturday

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June 10, 2014 by   1 Comment

RV Travel Editor Chuck Woodbury

RV Travel Editor Chuck Woodbury

The premiere of “RV Talk Live,” a live webcast hosted by RV Travel Editor and Publisher Chuck Woodbury, is slated for noon EST, Saturday (June 14) on the RV Travel YouTube channel.

“RV Talk Live” is a 45-minute program featuring Woodbury and an RV expert answering viewer questions submitted via chat, among other features. The expert for Saturday’s premiere will be RV Travel’s technical editor, Chris Dougherty. Future RV experts will either be live in studio or appear via Skype.

RV Travel operates several RV-related websites, including and In addition, for the last 13 years RV Travel has published a weekly electronic RV newsletter, claiming 60,000 subscribers. Lately, RV Travel has poured more energy into producing videos on its YouTube channel, which has 5.3 million views. This helped to convince Woodbury the time was right to launch “RV Talk Live.”

“I’ve always been intrigued by video,” Woodbury told “I’ve always wanted to do more of it, but I just never knew how to do it. It’s like when we were entering the Web – we didn’t know exactly what it would be, but we knew enough that it was going to be something good. It’s the same with video.”

In addition to viewer questions and expert guests, other segments will include short instructional video clips, and Woodbury said program sponsorships will be sold. There will be further tweaks along the way, he promised. “We’ll just see how it goes,” he said.

They elected to air the live webcast on the RV Travel YouTube channel because of its built-in audience – the channel gets up to 14,000 views a day – and the popular video website recently added the live webcast function and has a built-in chat feature as well. Woodbury said the Saturday broadcast schedule is to take advantage of the 60,000 newsletter subscribers who are accustomed to its Saturday morning delivery.

Archive episodes of “RV Talk Live” will be available on the YouTube channel, and Woodbury envisions a day when segments will be broken up and offered as individual videos on the channel.

RV Travel recently relocated into a new facility in in Edmonds, Wash., which includes a dedicated production studio with a green screen, three cameras and the high-end equipment necessary to switch from any of the cameras or to a fourth feed, such as a live interview via Skype or a previously recorded video.

Regular viewers will appreciate the new studio because the previous location was near a railroad, prompting Woodbury to apologize for the train whistles in the background in some videos.

“It looks good. And it will look even better eventually,” he said. “It’s a huge learning curve.”

Woodbury actually tried the webcast format years ago, but quickly dismissed the notion because the “technology wasn’t good enough and we weren’t good enough.” But technology has evolved to the point where Woodbury is expecting viewers will be pleased with the overall production value. “It looks so good these days. It looks as good as something a TV station might do,” he said.

Actually, Saturday’s debut is a bit of a misnomer. Woodbury and crew attempted a dry-run of the program last week, but unknowingly the show was broadcast live.

“It was unintentional,” Woodbury said. “I was just sitting there in my shorts and a grubby shirt, and all of a sudden we had people watching it from Norway, England and all over the country. I said ‘What the heck. First person to send me an e-mail gets an RV Travel coffee mug.’ Ten seconds later we had an e-mail. It was only a couple of dozen people, but it went great; we had a lot of fun.”

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One Response to “RV Travel’s ‘RV Talk Live’ Launches Saturday”

  1. John Holod on June 11th, 2014 11:49 am

    Chuck… and you thought that 2014 “Distinguished Achievement in RV Journalism” Award from the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) wasn’t going to get you anywhere! Congrats!