Class B’s Gain Ground in U.S. Rental Market

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July 18, 2014 by   Comments Off on Class B’s Gain Ground in U.S. Rental Market

It doesn’t take a full tank of gas between here and a state or national park to see that the once-simple motorhome has, well, evolved.

All the comforts of a Paris apartment, more electronics than on the International Space Station and, in some cases, they have grown seemingly long enough to land a Cessna on top.

As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, at least one segment of the U.S. RV rental market, however, is opting for smaller and, in most cases, simpler.

In New Zealand, Australia and some European countries, it’s nearly impossible to drive for more than five minutes without seeing one. Camper vans have come a long way from the 1960s Volkswagen bus, and the trend is finally crossing over to the United States.

Modern-day “Class B motorhomes,” which is the category these fall into, use automotive manufactured vans or panel-truck shells that drive more like the family car, yet still offer comfort on the road. And travelers who want the agility of a car, the ability to park the vehicle anywhere and decent gas mileage are increasingly turning to camper vans.

Next-gen travel is sleek and lightweight, whether your transportation has wings or wheels. All the “necessary” extras of last-gen’s behemoth motorhomes can be left at home with your fifth pair of shoes and the hardbound books. But while minimal may be in, camper vans don’t take away all the items you need to have a good (and safe) time.

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