Do ‘Camp Host’ Practices Violate Labor Law?

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July 16, 2014 by   Comments Off on Do ‘Camp Host’ Practices Violate Labor Law?

Greg Villalobos and his wife aren’t holding their breath regarding a California labor lawsuit, reported. Rather, they want to raise awareness that seniors working part-time as camp hosts in California campgrounds are being taking advantage of, and both federal laws and the California labor code are being violated.

Greg and his wife Cathy retired a few years ago and like many seniors found part-time employment to supplement their Social Security checks. They were employed as seasonal caretakers for two separate companies with similar policies.

Greg figures he and Cathy are owed one week of work – 30 hours each – and overtime pay. And Greg says they aren’t the only seniors being taken advantage of.

“We know one couple in their late 70s who are working 50 hours per day,” he adds. “And we were told that we couldn’t talk to other ‘camp hosts.’ I figure they don’t want us to file a joint complaint.

“I mostly want to get this story told to help other seniors and stop this practice. It is pretty outrageous, especially because it comes down to the federal government who contracts these companies.”

For the full story, click here.

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