ROUTE 66 Adds 8 New Locations to ‘Network’

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July 17, 2014 by   Comments Off on ROUTE 66 Adds 8 New Locations to ‘Network’

                          The ROUTE 66 RV network announced that it has added eight new dealership locations since April, boosting its total to nearly 160 full-service independent RV dealer sites in 42 states and provinces.

ROUTE 66 noted in a press release that all locations did not represent new dealerships, but that the “aggressive expansion of our existing ROUTE 66 dealers in both the U.S. and Canada is a great sign of the times for both the network and the industry as a whole.”    

“If you’re going to promise RVers that, Wherever the road takes you … you can count on us, you must be able to deliver on two major fronts,” said Rob Merrill, ROUTE 66 partner. “First of all, you must have service and parts store locations where RVers travel, and secondly, these locations must be a unified team of service-minded dealerships. While this was central in our original network vision, we’ve been very blessed watching it emerge over the last 11 years resulting in very satisfied RV customers.”

New locations include:

• Bent’s RV Rendezvous, Brian Bent, Boutte, La.

• Freedom RV, Devin Murphy, Tucson, Arizona.

• Freedom RV, Marana, Ariz.

• Hub City RV, Gord Bragg, Lantzville, British Columbia.

• Humphrey RV, Brad Humphrey, Grand Junction, Colo.

• Railside Sports & Marine, Jason Johnstone, Dreyden, Ontario.

• Rex & Sons RV, Rex Creech, Hampstead, N.C.

• Roulettes A.S. Levesque, Andre Levesque, Saguenay, Quebec.

“The strength of the ROUTE 66 RV Network is definitely in the sum of it’s parts,” said Dave Francis, ROUTE 66 partner.  “As stand-alone dealerships, each member of the network team is well-respected in their market area for their unwavering attention to delivering excellent customer service. When traveling customers discover that they actually do experience the same high level of service at any of the other 155-plus locations they visit.”

Comments from dealers included:

• Brad Humphrey, owner of one of the network’s newest member dealerships, stated, “Located in Grand Junction on the western slope of the Rockies we have many traveling RVers pull into our dealership with a service concern either after coming through the mountains from the east or heading into the mountains from the west. Needless to say, service bay availability is at a premium. As a ROUTE 66 dealer we’ll prioritize those travelers who are customers of a network dealership because we know they’ll all do the same for our customers.”

• New dealer Devin Murphy offered, “RVing is a year-round activity here in Arizona. In fact, with the snowbird population that comes in from the northern U.S. states and Canada in the winter months, our service business never seems to slow down. Now that Freedom has joined ROUTE 66 we see ourselves on a team with the best dealers in North America who are ready and willing to serve each other’s customers to ensure they are the most satisfied RVers in the industry.“

“While there are certainly individual financial benefits for each network dealership through our 40-plus dealer programs, we look for dealers who are willing to adopt a network ‘We’ mindset alongside their Independent ‘Me’” said Merrill. “Those that internalize the ’We,’ realizing they’re stronger together, than they are apart, ultimately realize greater gain being a member of ROUTE 66.”

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