Maker of RV Shocker Considers Global Market

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August 22, 2014 by   Comments Off on Maker of RV Shocker Considers Global Market

rvshockerBiocide Systems announced Wednesday (Aug. 20) that it is bringing on Wrench Advisors as a consultant and partner for a host of different tasks including international large accounts.

According to a written announcement, Los Angeles-based Biocide Systems, manufacturer of chlorine dioxide-based odor-eliminating products such as the RV Shocker, has opted to partner with Wrench Advisors to ease their expansion into global markets after experiencing steady success in the United States.

“We see this partnership with Wrench Advisors as a natural progression for us,” stated Biocide Systems CEO JC Baselli. “We have lots of opportunities in the works coming up over the next year, and we look forward to using the resources they have available to grow our company’s presence even more, especially overseas. This is a real shot in the arm.”

In addition to the RV Shocker, Biocide Systems also produces the Room Shocker, the Auto Shocker, the Marine Shocker, the Liquid Shocker, and the doggiClEEN. All Biocide Systems products are safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly, made in the United States of America, and come with a money-back guarantee. Their patented delivery system makes chlorine dioxide available to every business and household for the elimination of odors at the source.

Wrench Advisors possesses a deep level of expertise that it has put to use across a wide swath of verticals including eCommerce and eBusiness; financial services; software development and application services; marketing; advertising and media; communications and communications technology; human resources, recruiting and training & development; biotechnology, pharmaceutical and healthcare; retail; and manufacturing.

“Biocide Systems is a perfect fit for Wrench Advisors as they move into their next level of growth. We understand what it takes to grow early stage business and to work with founder management to build on their entrepreneurial successes,” added Tim Gormley, director at Wrench Advisors.

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