RV Fraudster Denied Release Pending Appeal

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August 14, 2014 by   Comments Off on RV Fraudster Denied Release Pending Appeal

An Alberta Court of Appeal justice has ruled a convicted RV fraudster who bilked people out of more than $2 million is a risk to society who doesn’t deserve bail pending an appeal, radio station CHED reported.

The case made big headlines when Arnold Donszelmann of Millet was sentenced to seven years on 31 counts of fraud over $5,000. The case involved the sale of RVs that Donszelmann didn’t own, leaving many without their life savings or on the hook for big loans. He was ordered to repay $ 2.3 million.

When Donszelmann applied to be released on bail pending an appeal of his conviction, the justice ruled that. while some property crime crooks are released under similar circumstances, “this was not a one-out, one-off kind of event in the life of this appellant … he does not have the presumption of innocence.” The justice added, ”He has amassed what appears to me to be a fairly substantial criminal record for very similar types of offences … one is left with the impression that Donszelmann reflects … a risk to society in terms of his inclinations towards activity of this kind.”

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