RV Rental Firms Reporting Uptick in Business

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August 11, 2014 by   Comments Off on RV Rental Firms Reporting Uptick in Business

Charlie and George Lesko had long considered traveling in a recreational vehicle before setting out for Myrtle Beach, S.C. — with son Caiden lounging in the back of their rented motorhome.

The Columbus Dispatch reported that RV travel, the first-time renters reasoned, would cost less than airfare and a beachfront hotel for three.

And, despite the obvious drawbacks of wallet-draining gas prices and a too-small bathroom, the Pickaway County family returned the motorhome happy with the choice.

“It’s a pretty laid-back, relaxing way to go, and that’s something we really enjoy,” said Lesko of Williamsport.

The Leskos so enjoyed their weeklong beach trip early this summer that they have welcomed neighbors on board for their next excursion — a jaunt to Shawnee State Park near Portsmouth before the children start school again.

They are among a growing number of vacationers choosing to rent RVs for their transportation and lodging, according to a national survey of businesses that rent them.

Almost 80% of survey respondents reported increased rental profits in 2013, and more than half said they planned to increase the size of their rental fleets this year.

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